Making decisions in 3D by using the Raumplan Software

Who would not like to use a powerful tool which sells more every day?
When using Raumplan software you can impress your customer easily and quickly.
We are sure you will want to receive additional orders from your sales.
You can do this easily by presenting the 3D simulation to the client.
It will affects and convinces the customer to buy faster.
Also saving you a lot of time and money


Anyone can. A short instruction and you're in!

Power & Strength

You can build and illustrate almost any furnishing by yourself.


Work sketches, fronts, electricity plans.

The Entire House

Kitchens, bedrooms, wardrobes, walk-in wardrobe, bathrooms, wall coating, plaster walls. What we call Interior Design.


Impressive pictures simulation, making videos and animated affixing.


Able to know exactly how much the materials and the affixing cost do? With only one click!

Price Proposal

You've finished sketching, and with only one more click, you can have
the price quote.


All in Hebrew language – The menus, guide book, guidance
and telephone support All in ONE product.

By using Raumplan software, you could gain two major benefits:
Saving time and win your customer much faster and easier.

The software is successfully marketed and sold for over 3 decades to furniture stores showrooms of kitchens and carpenters, in recent years has become most  popular thanks to high standard service and the ease of use.

3D imaging built in Rumplan

Rotate in all directions, zoom in and out the model on the left

Raumplan Features And Capabilities


Full planning and design of whole house Designing furniture and kitchens, bathrooms and complete design of the entire house, from a catalog, placing them in space and receiving 3D diagrams in black & white
or colors

Private library

Many tools for changing the units, adapting them to the customer's needs and even saving them in a private library, for the purpose of expanding the existing variety. The software allows changing dimensions, changing structure and actual cutting

Perspectives and textures

Main feature of this software, Perspectives can be produced that combine shading textures and reflection visualization. A designer who will plan correctly and smartly, while choosing colors, light sources and design accessories can receive from the software a photo-realistic diagram of his proposal.


Full animation (the doors open allows you to show the interior arrangements that are pulled out) for all the carpentry units.

Virtual tour

A trip in 3D within the perspective, to display in the planned space and display it from every possible angle, including changing the shading depending on the location.


Creating videos (video clip) from the design, thus allowing the user of the software to let the customer, in addition to printing, also a video illustrating the appearance and the entire design according to the camera path chosen by the designer and planner.

Printing programs

Printing the program in color and black and white. In this printing it is also possible to combine several views on one page.

Costs Calculation

One of the unique ability of the software, it has the option to calculate the costs of raw materials and fittings according to the drawing, and issue a price quote to the customer at the end of the meeting.

Creating visualisations

Full work in 3D-imaging, in black and white or color easily and quickly.

Electricity supply and plumbing plans

Electricity supply and plumbing plans with and without cabinets, which can be printed and given to the performing contractor.

Libary Of Models

Catalogs of the leading Manufacture companies in Israel as: Bloran, Infiniti Porcelain, Formex, Nielsen Orchard and more. Libraries that are updated.

Flexibility in Accordance to Customer needs

Allows the customer to add items to libraries that are unique to their own business and style

Transparency and Reflection

Automatic transparency and reflection in imaging.

Work plans

Work plans in front view and top views

Rendering the 3D in Highest quality

A professional renderer to obtain visualization products for an amazing and realistic quality image

Designs made by top designers


We provide solutions for the following sectors:

Choose the best option for you

Architects & Interior Designers

פתרונות יחודיים עבור סקטור העיצוב


Unique solutions for production

Showrooms for kitchens

Imaging sales solutions

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